Orwellian Dem Wants to Put MTG in a Plexiglass Isolation Box


Speaker Pelosi’s assistant, Katherine Clark, is as Orwellian as she is. Clark wants the unmasked Marjorie Taylor Greene and other resistant Republicans to sit in plexiglass isolation boxes for the remainder of the congressional session.

Meanwhile, Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi are caught regularly without their masks. It’s just a political tactic. Everything Nancy does is a political tactic.

Fines aren’t enough for these people.

Clark wrote, “That is why, in addition to imposing fines, I am requesting that your office begin requiring Members who fail to comply with this rule to attend the House floor from the isolation boxes in the House Gallery. These boxes were designed to minimize the risk of exposure to quarantined Members, yet those who refuse to mask pose the same or higher risk of exposing individuals around them to COVID. This commonsense step will not only protect our dedicated House staff from Members who refuse to follow House rules, but it will also allow those Members to continue to fulfill their constitutional duty to vote on matters before the House.

“Thank you for your attention to this matter. I sincerely appreciate the diligence you have shown working to protect the health and safety of the House community since your appointment and I look forward to continuing that work with you in the future,” she said.


She and fellow Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde have amassed more than $100,000 in fines for not abiding by the House rules on masking, Insider reported.

Greene has incurred more than $80,000 in penalties and has been fined more than 30 times for defying mask rules, the report said, while Clyde has amassed at least $30,000 in penalties and has been fined at least 14 times.

The penalties are taken out of the lawmakers’ paychecks, according to The Times. Greene and Clyde — who both represent districts in Georgia.

But Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky told CNN in July that Clyde had evaded his fines by changing his tax withholdings.


Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday mocked the proposal, suggesting any member who is concerned about Covid-19 should not be in office, according to The Independent.

Speaking to Insider, Ms. Greene said she would argue that members “may not be fit to do the job” if they feel threatened by the coronavirus.

“Maybe they need to consider that they are the ones in the risk group, and they should just go sit it out until they feel safe to come out,” she said.

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