Osama’s close ally & security chief returns triumphantly to Afghanistan


As if things couldn’t get worse, Osama bin Laden’s close aide has made a victorious entrance into Afghanistan. He was bin Laden’s security chief at the battle of Tora Bora.

FDD’s LongWar Journal reports:

Dr. Amin al Haq, the former head of bin Laden’s Black Guard, was captured on video in a large convoy as it traveled through a checkpoint in Nangarhar province. Haq was accompanied by a large convoy of heavily armed Taliban fighters in brand new SUVs. A small crowd flocked to Haq to shake his hand and take selfies with him.

The video of al Haq is evidence that Al Qaeda commanders now feel secure enough to appear publicly in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

It might not be the first time he has returned to his homeland, but he certainly is free to appear publicly now.

As this is going on, illegal aliens from all over the world are pouring across our borders and unvetted Afghans, who do not share our values, are pouring into Fort Dix. It only took 19 terrorists to bring about 9/11 and here we go again. In the least, they will affect our politics in a very negative way.

What could go wrong?

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