OSHA’s Contemptuous Statement on SCOTUS Blocking Their Vax “Rule’


After creating law to circumvent the Constitution, OSHA finds the Supreme Court decision to block the ‘rule’ disappointing. Read their statement.

Personally, I’m disappointed the government continually ignores the Constitution.

Read the last paragraph of the statement. OSHA plans to threaten and coerce businesses to do the government’s bidding. This is a government agency of unelected bureaucrats.

Do these politicians and bureaucrats know what they’re doing? The leaders do, but many are just stupid, lazy, and apathetic.

Most businesses will do as the figurehead president wishes for various reasons. All will obey the authoritarians in time. They don’t care about God, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or you.


Statement from Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh on Supreme Court ruling
on OSHA emergency temporary standard on vaccination, testing

(January 13, 2022)

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh issued the following statement on the Supreme Court ruling on the department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency temporary standard on vaccination and testing:

“I am disappointed in the court’s decision, which is a major setback to the health and safety of workers across the country. OSHA stands by the Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard as the best way to protect the nation’s workforce from a deadly virus that is infecting more than 750,000 Americans each day and has taken the lives of nearly a million Americans.

“OSHA promulgated the ETS under clear authority established by Congress to protect workers facing grave danger in the workplace, and COVID is without doubt such a danger. The emergency temporary standard is based on science and data that show the effectiveness of vaccines against the spread of coronavirus and the grave danger faced by unvaccinated workers. The commonsense standards established in the ETS remain critical, especially during the current surge, where unvaccinated people are 15-20 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated people. OSHA will be evaluating all options to ensure workers are protected from this deadly virus.

“We urge all employers to require workers to get vaccinated or tested weekly to most effectively fight this deadly virus in the workplace. Employers are responsible for the safety of their workers on the job, and OSHA has comprehensive COVID-19 guidance to help them uphold their obligation.

“Regardless of the ultimate outcome of these proceedings, OSHA will do everything in its existing authority to hold businesses accountable for protecting workers, including under the Covid-19 National Emphasis Program and General Duty Clause.”


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1 year ago

If the Supreme Court would actually read the Constitution there wouldn’t be a Federal Government Deep State Bureaucracy as the powers of the Bureaucrats are not functions that are part of the Enumerated Powers allowed the Federal Government by the Constitution. But then, the Courts love their abuse of power too.

EMP Weapons From the Sky
EMP Weapons From the Sky
1 year ago

Will SCOTUS look into the Big Steal after this? (LOL!)

1 year ago

One cannot conceive of a more contemptuous statement being issued by a government agency. What they are telling employers is that they will find alternative methods of punishing them if they do not obey the struck down vaccine mandates. This clearly demonstrates the total contempt for the rule of law held by the Obiden Regime and the existential threat their continued fraudulent rule poses to the Republic. Patriots have a duty to remove these contemptible vermin and eliminate these agencies forever. Let us make that the objective in 2022. With control of the House we can deny any and all funding to these despicable wannabe tyrants.