Ottawa Councillor Calls Truckers ‘Terrorists, Traitors, Insurrectionists, Threats to Democracy, Trumpians’


Far-left Ottawa City Councillor Diane Deans, who called the truckers ‘terrorists’, now calls them traitors, seditionists insurrectionists, well-polished people trying to overturn the government, attackers of democracy and claims the protest has international elements to it, and it’s right out of Trump’s playbook.

The truckers are protesting.

Globalist Canadians are livid that Americans are donating to the truckers. Meanwhile, Canada sends lobbyists to our congress to promote their interests even if they go against ours, so, tough. The truckers are trying to keep democracy and deserve donations. The globalists are the ones trying to overturn it.

If you try to interfere with their fascist globalism, they claim you’re trying to overturn democracy.

The GiveSendGo account is up to 7.9 million and the legal fund for the Coutts border blockade is at

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