Ottawa Towing Companies Won’t Tow Protesters & Farmers Join the Protest in Truckistan


The Mayor of Ottawa called towing companies to start towing the Freedom Truckers vehicles but they won’t do it. Every company is claiming they have COVID and are self-isolating, according to this report.


Farmers have joined the protest.

Since the protest began in Ottawa four days ago, there has been no violence, no riots, and reports of injuries are not accurate, says Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly.

The Ottawa leftists are collecting information on the Ottawa protesters so they can persecute them later.

The media and the leftist officials are liars.

By the way, the only person with a confederate flag was fully masked. Protesters chased him off. People like this are usually political opponents trying to make the protesters look bad.

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Planet of the Knaves
Planet of the Knaves
1 year ago

Read about some single loners with Confederate flags and Hakenkreuz [Swastika] flags that were obvious fed bois or RCMP comrades of Fidel Trudeau’s Royal Guard.
Shun them for they are the harbinger of false flags.