Our Economy Could Collapse as Psaki Lies About It All


Don’t worry about the economy, the supply chain issues, the escalating prices, or the growing debt because Joe Biden’s got this. At least that’s what Jen Psaki says, as if Joe didn’t cause the problems.


Early this afternoon, Biden met with senior officials and stakeholders to discuss the supply chain problem.

Biden is going to do something – undoubtedly to make the matters worse — to get the ships into port in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, and then get the truck drivers to drive into the ports to pick up the stuff, and deliver it to the stores all around the country. The only things he could do — lift the regulations he inflicted and stop killing the energy sector — he won’t do.

The stock market is up and down over these supply chain problems. Profits go down when retailers can’t get manufacturers’ goods to customers.

This is a direct result of Biden’s policies.

There aren’t enough people to handle the goods because they get money from the government to not work. They get unemployment, some get their rent paid, and on and on it goes.

Last month, 4.3 million people quit their jobs.

Biden’s $4.5 trillion in welfare bills will pay people to not work so consider what the US will look like at the end of that.


Taxes in the fiscal year 2021, which ended on October 1st, saw the biggest one year increase in tax revenues to Washington since 1977,  the Jimmy Carter era.. This is the most money the federal government has gotten in 44 years. Almost all of it comes from corporations and the top 10% wage earners – 80% in fact.

Most people in the US have no stake in this country. They don’t pay federal taxes. Way too many are on the dole.

Biden wants to tax the ‘rich’ more even though they are the ones who produce the jobs that grow the economy — not the government.

The economy could collapse.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wants Americans to believe the massive price increases and inflation are not the fault of Joe Biden’s policies.

After the release of the consumer price index , in her press briefing today, Jen Psaki claimed the alarming inflation is only “transitory,” echoing far-left Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s ridiculous claim.

The dishonest press secretary lied and said consumable goods dropped in 2020. That isn’t true.

Psaki talked about the inflation rate slowing down, which does not mean the prices will ever come down. They just won’t go up as quickly. The RATE won’t go up as rapidly.

The soaring inflation is the result of regulations, attacks on energy, and wild spending and taxation. The inflation is directly on Biden or whoever tells him what to do.

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  1. At some point, the rich will just pick up and leave. Those who can are living California and New York, what’s to stop those who can from leaving America? The Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam are looking better everyday.

  2. The Midas touch of government? Glad I’ve been stocking up with every extra dollar and the good ol’ church pantry.
    Jen “RED” Slacki lying? No way! (sarc)
    Wiping it all out better in order to hand it over to the globalists and CCP, they don’t fool anyone, except the dullards.

    O/T-Another smashup on the motorway and the poleece have the road blocked with flatbeds hauling away damaged vehicles, motorists have no choice but to turn around in the ‘hood’ entrance, I was sitting on the porch enjoying a fizzy lifting drink and didn’t hear anything but there is a sports bar across the way.

  3. That’s all this snarky socialist and her comrades do, is lie. But they had the audacity to call DJT a lier. I’m a bit tired of the arrogance of this regime.

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