“Our Economy Is Run By Morons”


Peter St. Onge took on Biden’s top economic adviser Sentinel reported on several times, including last week (check the interview below).

Excerpt from the first clip:

“Now, given how bad team Biden has blown the economy, you might not be surprised that his chief economist is an ideological diversity hire who apparently knows less about debt than your average dog walker. But the problem is Bernstein is just one of many PhD morons who populate the Biden administration.

“What unites them is a cult-like belief in a crank inflationist theory known as MMT or modern monetary theory. In short, MMT says the government should spend as much as humanly possible no matter what on, and then, when inflation takes off, they can hike taxes to drain it out of the people, probably because they’re socialists who think without evidence that government spending is productive. And partly because they’re actually looking for an excuse to hike taxes to punish the wrong people.

“Lead MMT Stephanie Kelton has literally advocated this in interviews, saying the quiet part out loud. The result is inflation paired with a wholesale transfer of resources and wealth from the people to the government, everything from steel construction workers to disposable income all drained away to our wise overlords who apparently don’t know what a bond is.


In June 2022, Jared made a fool of himself on TV. He said Biden didn’t miss much on inflation. At the time, I thought he was a liar. Now I realize he’s just a moron.

This is a brief clip of the interview St. Onge is referencing. He is the dumbest economic adviser I have ever seen in my life.

Watch if you haven’t. It’s such fun if you don’t think about all the damage these dopes have done to the economy:



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