Our enemy, the Communist Chinese Party, has taken over Hong Kong


Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, Secretary Pompeo announced on Wednesday. The people of Hong Kong are in the streets but it’s not likely there is a thing they can do about it. The U.S. will apply sanctions but that has led to China threatening a military war.

The BBC reported earlier this week that a new ‘security’ law criminalizes talk of secession, makes criminal any undermining of the power or authority of China, bans violence or intimidation against people and bans all activities by foreign forces that interfere in Hong Kong.

China also gives itself permission to set up its own institutions in Hong Kong to handle security.

The next step is transforming the judicial system into China’s.

“Almost all trials involving national security are conducted behind closed doors. It [is] never clear what exactly the allegations and the evidence are, and the term national security is so vague that it could cover almost anything,” Professor Johannes Chan, a legal scholar at the University of Hong Kong, says.

This will definitely affect Hong Kong’s appeal as a business and economic powerhouse.

China has taken over Hong Kong, killed the golden goose, and Taiwan is next.

Very interesting background information in this next clip, with analysis midway through:


There is a great deal of inner turmoil at the top levels and it is why China chose this moment to take over Hong Kong. Watch:

China is doing a lot of saber-rattling, but they are very dangerous to the United States.


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