Our Nation’s Capital Manufactures a Food Rationing Crisis


Our nation’s capital of DC is starting to look a lot like Venezuela with the new voluntary food rationing suggested by Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Black Lives Matter proponent. Making crime-ridden DC into more of a hellhole seems to be a goal.

Recently, Bowser mandated vaccine passports for anyone to enter just about any venue. Those who won’t get vaccinated are forced out of restaurants and into grocery stores where the shelves are now looking somewhat bare.

Bowser, who wants to be governor of the state of DC, has a solution — food rationing.

Bowser’s policies created her supply chain problem. As the elites take more and more power away from the people, you will see more and more of this.

What comes next? Mandatory rationing?

Everything these DC officials do is to keep people and businesses from functioning, although they are key to a capitalist society. It is no mystery why Bowser is such a strong advocate of the communist, Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.

Food lines are a good thing:

The never-ending crises in the United States are almost entirely manufactured. We have crises created out of thin air to destroy a Republican presidency, bolster a demented man in the Oval Office, capitalize on a pandemic, stir up racial tensions, and create a powerful gender ideology.

The crisis we are in developed unnaturally and not from the grassroots. It is a well-orchestrated plan to remake the nation. It has only one possible outcome if not stopped — authoritarianism and it’s the Left who will be in charge.

Rationing food is just one more crisis created out of whole cloth.

Remember, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

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1 year ago

Here in rural America we don’t have a food shortage. I get fresh eggs from the chicken coup. My salads come from the Victory Garden. I slaughter a cow and stock the freezer and hunt deer. Everything else is available in abundance at the local co-op. We don’t do frozen diners and preprocessed food, we eat real food. My Red State has the lowest homeless population in Nation while Liberal Washington, D.C. has the highest homeless population. Liberals are mostly non-producers dependent on others and Government, so why are self-sufficient Conservatives considered the problem?

Food Is A Control Weapon
Food Is A Control Weapon
1 year ago

Wow! A HS bud’s grammaw used to show us the ration card from WWII but that was to beat back two great WAR machines.
Only the faculty lounge brain trust could come up with rations during peacetime.
Peacetime being a relative term with the defense of the CPUSA cookie jar down to the last Ukrainian coming up.

1 year ago

Why doesn’t Bowzer and the DC thigs ask BLM and ANTIFA for donations? I’m still trying to figure out what BLM and the DNC has ever done for the black community.