Out of Mothballs! Democrat Wage Control Legislation


Democrats plan to pass legislation in the House that will enable them to dictate wages in privately-held companies. They love to call bills by names that mean the opposite of what they will actually do so they are calling this the Paycheck Fairness Act.

The act, that has been sitting collecting dust for twenty years, will require the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to pass regulations requiring companies to provide them with detailed employment and wage data (including hiring, termination, and promotion data) disaggregated by the sex, race, and national origin of employees.”.

Democrats never give up. They will keep submitting this bill until it does pass.

The reporting requirements would make it impossible for any future President to lift.

Democrats want to control wages, hiring, and employment practices for all companies. As AOC said recently, Democrats don’t want to seize private companies, just control them.

They want to see the unfair practice of disparate impact, especially for women, incorporated into every aspect of a private business. It would make it easier to sue and harder for businesses to respond in any way but the way they want.

The claim that women aren’t paid fairly is an exaggerated but useful tool to establish more government control over private businesses.

California leads the way in controlling businesses.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB-826 into law. It forces companies to hire by end of 2019 at least one woman to sit on their boards of directors, and two women on five-person boards or three women on six-person boards by 2021. Companies that don’t comply will be hit with a fine.

There is NOTHING Democrats won’t control by the time they are done. They are the most imminent threat to freedom in the United States today.

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4 years ago

Democrats don’t want to seize private companies, just control them.

That is the essence and textbook definition of fascism.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Our most evil competition is the revived Socialist Party who will demolish our country into a banana Republic of slavery.