Dems Want $100 Million for a Free Diaper Program


Rose DeLauro

The Washington Examiner reports that [harcore leftist] Democrats Reps. Barbara Lee of California and Rose DeLauro of Connecticut introduced the End Diaper Need Act on Friday. The bill would allocate $100 million to a program dispensing free diapers and similar products to needy families [and grifters of course].

The money would be another unchecked handout to cities, states, and nonprofit groups [leftist no doubt], which would then help distribute diapers. Since the government has no money, it would have to come from the 53% who pay federal taxes.

Barbara Lee

They claim the lack of diapers keeps poor parents from enrolling in child care centers, which is an untrue and wild allegation.

This is what you can expect when these new, very extreme Democrats get back into power. This monstrosity of a bill will likely pass the Democrat-run House, but not the GOP-controlled Senate.

At the same time, Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and other Democrats want immediate residency protection for millions of illegal aliens and Temporary Protected Status aliens [who never leave].


Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College and make us instant socialists. They want 16-year olds to vote and are open to illegal aliens voting. Stacking the court with leftist activist judges is also on the agenda.

“The greatest threat to our constitution and economic system isn’t any foreign power, it’s the Democratic Party,” Levin told Sean Hannity on Hannity’s show Thursday night. “It’s the leftists within the Democratic Party because they use our liberty and our Constitution to destroy our liberty and our Constitution. And they are very good at it.”

Democrats want to eliminate the Electoral College. Levin explained the purpose of the Electoral College — so we aren’t ruled by New York and California.

Levin discussed the Democrats’ new goal of stacking the Supreme Court and the obvious reason for it. “…they want to fix the outcome! They want to fix the outcome of elections, they want to fix the outcome of court decisions, this is very good banana republic of the Democratic Party.”

He was worked up by the time he got to illegal aliens voting and said, “why wait for them to come a thousand miles to the United States? Why not send absentee ballots to people all over the world?” They don’t “need to struggle to get to the United States, you can just vote in our elections,” he concluded.

About 16-year olds voting, he said, “Why not lower it to 12 or 14 or 15, how stupid is that? I mean they raise the age for booze, they raise the age for cigarettes, at 21, but at 16, you’re gonna help pick our President?” The Democrats “indoctrinate all these kids in high school and they know how they’re going to vote — Democrat.”

Everything they do is about power and control, he says.

Levin railed about the kooks running for President promising to take our guns and our free speech, nationalizing our energy sector when we are finally energy-independent, wanting nationalized health care — single payer. He continued with the Democrat goals of a 70 to 90 percent marginal tax rate, free college, guaranteed minimum income from birth, guaranteed federal jobs, taxpayer-funded family leave, expand Social Security that will be bankrupt in 2034. He continued: take down existing border fences (Beto), eliminate ICE, VAT tax, reinstate Iran nuclear deal, cut military funding, impeach the President, indict the President, his family, and Justice Kavanaugh.

Sean Hannity reminded him of the pre- and post-birth abortions. We will save fish by limiting straws but we will kill babies.

Democrats are also anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. It’s the party of Omar now.

These illogical, and in some cases, evil promises, are now mainstream Democrat policies.

It’s the party of Omar now.

Omar’s Victory! Dem 2020 Candidates Bow to the Extreme Left

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