Outrage! Dem lawmakers party in Maui while you can’t party at all


California Democrat lawmakers are in Maui partying with lobbyists. They’re in Hawaii. With lobbyists. In the middle of a pandemic, while they tell you to stay home and have no more than 6 people in your home for Thanksgiving, they are out partying in Maui.

California is getting ready to lock down completely.

Your business is closed, and your children can’t go to school. You can’t even travel anywhere. People are losing their freedoms and their mental health. Suicides and drug abuse are on the rise. The illness is exaggerated, and the cure is worse than the illness.

The 18th annual event was a third of its regular size, Howle said, but it still drew nearly 20 lawmakers from California, Texas, and Washington state. The theme? How to reopen states’ economies amid the public health crisis.

Even that’s a BS joke. These clowns are partying and drinking.

The media didn’t have any lawmakers’ names in attendance, but the event often draws ‘moderate’ Democrats. Assemblymembers Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) attended last year, according to financial disclosures.

Why would anyone take these people seriously? Don’t.

We just posted an article about Governor Newsom, Mayors Lightfoot, and Browser, all of whom are hypocrites.

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