Outrage of the week! Biden and Xi plan a Climate Change Summit


Maoist China will participate in the Earth Day Summit with President Joe Barack on April 22nd and 23rd [for propaganda’s sake]. The joke’s on us since China will not contribute to the Paris Accord until 2030 when most world leaders will be out of office or dead. China continuously builds coal plants.

Ahead of the virtual talks, US climate csar John Kerry is expected to travel to Shanghai to meet Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua, SCMP reports.


Hugh Hewitt predicts Biden will appease China with us making major concessions present day to get some meaningless carbon reductions from China by 2080 when many of us will be dead.

Climate change is an area where the two powers have said they could work together amid deepening tensions, the SCMP report claims.

It is in China’s best interests for the United States to continue destroying its fossil fuel industry and sending resources and wealth to developing countries, of which China is allegedly one.

The Wall Street Journal contends that the message to the United States is “we are equals now.”

They aren’t bringing “olive branches,” but rather a “new world view.” Foreign Minister Wang Yi asked [demanded] the Biden admin to roll back Trump-era policies targeting China, the Journal writes. Yang also delivered a surprise: a 16-minute lecture about America’s racial problems and democratic failings.

China says the objective is to show they are equals.

Xi never took on the USA before, but the time to strike is now [with their choice for US president, Joe Barack, in power].

China has taken back Hong Kong and put dissenters in the gulag. They now look to Taiwan. But, don’t worry, they will pretend to work with us on climate change.


Meanwhile, as the US Army is weakened, China is beefing up the manliness of its military. China is not woke and we are.

Taiwan’s days are numbered says Jesse Kelly. He also says we can’t take on China on their territory and our media would be fine with that because they are that communistic themselves.


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