Over 5,000 communist teachers to force CRT down our throats


The late Howard Zinn was a communist who wrote a vile, dystopian history book of America. He was a hateful man who hated America, our Founding, our holidays, and our heroes. Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project aren’t original. They are a continuation of Howard Zinn.

His Peoples’ History of the United States and Young Peoples History of the United States is very pervasive and was even embraced by the Smithsonian. Zinn was an original Soviet-style social justice warrior.

Critical Race Theory is a natural corollary and over 5,000  teachers so far have signed up at the Zinn Project to fight for the Critical Race Theory.

Background on Zinn

His history is filled with misrepresentations and errors, obliterates much of the good in our history and the communist atrocities around the world. Basically, he portrays the Soviets as good and the US as evil. He was an outgrowth of the 60s, as is Critical Race Theory and the lies about our Founding.

Zinn’s book is a tale about demonic elites from the Founding Fathers to his present day. He relentlessly attacks U.S. policy while ignoring the Soviets. The far left, according to Zinn, made no errors; the Communist Party’s praise of Stalin is ignored, and radical leftists only failed because they didn’t muster enough troops.

Zinn was a dissident who defended injustice in the name of socialism, communism, and, in the case of Imperial Japan, anti-Americanism.  He was a lazy, conventional theorist, with an undeveloped political philosophy, according to David Greenberg a professor of journalism and media studies and of history at Rutgers.

Zinn’s book is a deeply pessimistic version of U.S. history. No one believing it is an actual history tome would want to consider themselves an American after reading it.

The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values yet Zinn barely mentions Christians or conservatives.

He denied Gaddafi’s Libya planned the 1986 bombing of La Belle Discotheque in Berlin though it is established fact. At the same time, he says that the American government’s funding of the Afghan mujahideen and the training of bin Laden is a myth concocted by Washington Post correspondent Steve Coll, which is patently false.

His admiration for Communist dictator Fidel Castro is boundless as he praises Castro’s setting up of a nationwide system of education, housing, and land distribution (redistribution) to the peasants. The inconvenient truth he ignores is that Castro set up a nationwide network of gulags for those who disagreed with him. In Cuba, Zinn saw hope for the future of mankind.

Zinn’s Maoist China, site of history’s bloodiest state-sponsored killings, is “the closest thing, in the long history of that ancient country, to a people’s government, independent of outside control.” The authoritarian Nicaraguan Sandinistas were “welcomed” by their own people, while the opposition Contras, who backed the candidate that triumphed when free elections were finally held, was a “terrorist group” that “seemed to have no popular support inside Nicaragua,” according to history news network.

Right-wingers are bullies according to Zinn. They only care about keeping power and wealth to themselves.

These teachers support this and they are teaching children:

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