Hunter’s art exhibit vandalized by ‘Daddi Warcrimes’


‘Daddi Warcrimes,’ an activist artist, vandalized the Hunter Biden ‘art‘ exhibit such as it is — created by blowing through a straw.

Authorities arrested Rod Webber, an artist and documentary filmmaker, for vandalizing a New York City gallery exhibiting Hunter Biden’s artwork Friday.

A witness held him, making a citizen’s arrest.

Webber filmed himself silently entering the George Burges Gallery where he began to spray paint the words “Daddi Warcrimes” on the gallery’s wall.

He says Daddy Joe is a war criminal, bombing Syria, providing arms to foreign countries, and so on.

You can hear Webber on this clip pre to post vandalism:

Hunter Biden and his shady deal with the

White House makes a mockery of us all. We’re supposed to act as if his illicit art deals are all on the up-and-up.



  1. Who in their right mind would call that bilge art? How could Webber be guilty of desecrating and destroy what is already trash? Atrocious (art??) created by a drunken druggie derelict, and perverted no good bum

  2. A new political prisoner for hate crimes against the first comrade, Hunter?
    How dare you criticize these magnificent masterpieces and a true believer that has broke free of joblock, well thanks to family connections.

  3. Its a money laundering scheme obviously.

    They cannot just give money to the Bidens in exchange of criminal activity, the IRS, the FBI, someone might ask questions, so they have to disguise it as a purchase of art.

    It is money laundering clear and simple.

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