PA senator Mastriano will subpoena 3 counties who refused audit request


Pennsylvania State Senator Mastriano said the Senate Committee will issue subpoenas to the three counties that have refused to submit to the forensic audit request.

“We’re looking at three counties, and if sufficient evidence comes up with shenanigans and corruption or fraud, then we’ll have a second round with additional counties,” Mastriano said during an appearance on the cable network OAN.

Mastriano initiated a forensic probe of the 2020 and 2021 elections in early July by sending requests for materials like ballots and asking for access to machines, to Tioga, York, and Philadelphia counties.

But officials in all three counties are refusing to comply voluntarily, setting up the need for subpoenas.

Mastriano set a deadline of July 31 in his letters to the counties.

York won’t agree unless the Senate panel agrees to buy new machines. Philadelphia said an audit would be duplicative.

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