Pandemic hysteria experts want us terrified of the flu next


Fauci wants people to see the Flu as “very serious.” People aren’t afraid of Influenza, Fauci lamented.  He said it’s “perception that’s a misperception.” He wants to change that. He wants to “change that” in “a disruptive way.”

Some of the more prominent pandemic experts met at The Milken Institute and they are focused on the next pandemic AND THE FLU. You probably want to know what they’re up to. This is from 2019, four months before the pandemic.



The reason the ‘experts’ including Anthony Fauci were gathered at The Milken Institute was to discuss where we are with cases of flu and viruses. The narrator introduced the session by saying The WHO worked admirably getting the vaccine out for Swine Flu, but the Bird Flu decided not to be as virulent. Then he complained that we just move on when that happens. Yet, some of the viruses and cases of the flu become like the 1918 Spanish Flu.

Fauci wants a vaccine that will only be needed every five years or ten years. [In the meantime, we are the guinea pigs. Mandatory vaccination creates mandatory guinea pigs]

Michael Spector wants to move on from growing vaccines in eggs and “blow the system up.”

Dr. Margaret Hamburg said it’s time to act, not talk.

Fauci wants to “induce a response.” [Is that gain-of-function to get a universal vaccine?]

Scientists are already not restricted by ethics and are unaccountable when they start a pandemic with the CCP. They might want to get rid of bureaucracy altogether.

They are talking about accelerating vaccines for the flu. Bruce Gellin said we need a “martial moment,” and he wants to get all the strands together. He likes the NIH roadmap. [Will they make those vaccines mandatory too?]

Casey Wright really wants to get after the flu and finds looking at that “very sexy.” She claims there is “a need for urgency” while the passion is out there. She wants a new model for global collaboration.

Rick Bright wants to accelerate the flu research. He wants to “STOP the vaccine…not only make a vaccine.” [Is that lockdown, masks, social distancing forever over the flu?]

Fauci doesn’t want people to see the Flu as anything but very serious. People aren’t afraid of Influenza, Fauci lamented.  He said it’s. “perception that’s a misperception.” He wants to change that. He wants to “change that” in “a disruptive way.”

Spector wants instant vaccines when someone gets the flu or virus. They love mRNA and want to abandon egg vaccines.

Fauci does agree there is natural immunity but with the flu, he said, it keeps morphing, unlike measles.

There is an acknowledgment that the expense holds them back. [Isn’t it interesting that making it a crisis and a pandemic pours money into them so they can develop an experimental drug?]

Here’s Fauci saying we should address the flu “in a disruptive way”:

Infowars put this short clip together [watch the full clip on C-Span]:

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2 years ago

I’m 60 & have never had the flu & have never had a flu shot. Think I’ll stick with my immune system.

Noah Was A Knower
Noah Was A Knower
2 years ago

Of course they do, that way we won’t see what the RED left hand of Satan is destroying while the peace and safety zombies are distracted.
Fear is all the comrades have and they will use it during the long Dark Winter.