Pandemic of the Vaxxed: Idiot’s Guide to Developing a Supervirus?


More than 80% of the people in Alberta who were infected with Covid have been vaccinated at least once. A total of 89% in Alberta have been jabbed once, and 85% have been jabbed twice. So this can still be chalked up to being ineffective.

Three cruise ships of fully vaccinated individuals pulled into Florida ports with the virus surging. Dr. Malone calls it the idiot’s guide on how to develop a supervirus. He says they are the leaky viruses he warned us about.

The Naked Emperor reports:

Overall, the signs that Omicron will cause less severe disease are encouraging. However, a lot of the data is based on South Africa’s younger, heavily naturally immune population versus the Western world’s older population with a vaccine induced immunity. The warmer season in South Africa compared with the cold winter here will also have made a difference.

Non-existent immunity for two dosed individuals and quickly waning immunity in the boosted will also have a big impact on how Omicron plays out here. Data from the UK and Canada, so far, show that Omicron is infecting vaccinated individuals at a much higher rate than unvaccinated ones. Is this due to unvaccinated individuals having a much broader natural immunity? Is ADE facilitating the virus somehow or does OAS mean the vaccinated are unable to produce the necessary immune response? If ADE and/or OAS are affecting the vaccinated is it best to get boosted or risk natural infection, hopefully with less severe disease? I will write about this soon because it is an important question, especially with the prospect of boosters every 4-6 months.

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