Partisan Judge in Stone Case Is Trashing Him During the Hearing


Roger Stone was lambasted by Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson this morning after he showed up for his sentencing, Fox News reported.

“Mr. Stone lied,” U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in court.

Jackson also referenced how Stone had violated court orders not to talk about the case. She accused him of “intimidating behavior” including a social media post that included a picture of her with what looked like gun crosshairs over her head. Stone blamed staff for the Instagram post, but the judge sharply rebuked him.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” Jackson said, adding that it “was designed to disrupt” the proceedings.

She is exaggerating the dopey comments Stone made and makes, and will likely throw the book at him.

She is looking at a strong sentence.

John Cardillo of Newsmax TV tweeted, “RogerStone’s Judge Amy Berman Jackson claiming that he threatened her and impeded justice is beyond dumb considering she suppressed his 1A rights, he was convicted by a biased jury and she’s sentencing him. This should terrify every American.”

As he entered the court, supporters, and enemies shouted out:

The President weighed in during the sentencing hearing, comparing Stone’s case to liars like Comey, Hillary Clinton, and McCabe.

The judge won’t execute the sentence today until she rules on the new trial he has requested. However, the DOJ is against a new trial. She will reject the mistrial and probably give him too stiff a sentence.

Give him a pardon!

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