Patel on New Filing: Clinton Lawyer “Set Up to Take the Fall”


Margot Cleveland posted the latest Durham filing in the Michael Sussman case. In the filing, Durham appears to be looking at the techs who manipulated data in the Alfa Bank conspiracy. They wanted to make it seem as if Russian President Putin and Donald Trump were in communication.

Former prosecutor and chief of staff for the Department of Defense Kash Patel told Newsmax on Thursday:

“What it shows is the joint venture conspiracy with John Durham has been laying out for almost a year, plus that the cast of characters from Robby Mook, John Podesta, Marc Elias, Fusion GPS, Rodney Joffe, this tech executive, all of these characters who have been screaming through the fake news media that they were innocent and it was all a setup are now taking aim at each other,” Patel said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

The filings also reveal that Michael Sussmann, the Clinton campaign attorney currently under indictment by Durham, has been set up to “take the fall,” said Patel.

The techs don’t work for the government.
Patel said when he began the investigation on behalf of Devin Nunes, he never thought it would be this bad.

“We didn’t know a Democratic Party and a presidential opponent, the FBI, the mainstream media, corrupt actors, lawyers, agents, and people on the campaign trail would all come together to form a criminal conspiracy to take out a presidential candidate. [It] just sounds like science fiction.”

Rodney Joffe is the tech who works for an outside entity. Somehow, he exploited government servers to obtain data he could manipulate. He did help manipulate the data to make DJT look guilty. Currently, Joffe is seeking immunity from prosecution.

The Players

The defendant is the DNC/Hillary for America campaign attorney. Tech Executive 1 is Rodney Joffe who does not work in government. The US Investigative Firm is Fusion GPS and the CEO of an internet company is Steve DeJong of Neustar.

It’s unclear whether or not Durham will get around to any government scoundrels. It’s doubtful. Some reports say the statute of limitations has passed.

The filing can be found on this link or read below.



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