Pathetic Jimmy Carter says US Is kidnapping and torturing migrant children


By now, most people have heard that one of our worst presidents, Jimmy Carter, called President Trump an “illegitimate” president who only became President because Russian President Putin influenced the election. It’s absurd, especially in light of the fact that there was no collusion and no conspiracy. That conclusion came from Trump hating Robert Mueller.

Former president Jimmy Carter whose only claim to fame is he outlived other presidents.

The 94-year-old former president, who is even shunned by his own party, made the remarks during a joint interview Friday with his Vice President Walter Mondale conducted by Jon Meachman and posted by C-SPAN.

“If fully investigated, it would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered …on his behalf.

What you might not know is Carter, who is responsible for the Mullahs taking over Iran, also claimed the U.S. government is kidnapping and torturing little children on the border.

There is no evidence for that and it’s not happening. It’s a disgraceful thing for him to say since it makes us look terrible around the world. If it were so, the illegal aliens would stop flooding the border.

If he’s worried about separation as he said in the interview, he must also be concerned about the children of convicted criminals too, right?

This is typical leftist hate from the politicians and their Siamese twins in the media. It’s dangerous.

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