Paul Krugman brags about cheap airfare he got thanks to 9/11


Nobel crazy person Paul Krugman is a national embarrassment. Today, he compared 9/11 to COVID and insisted the threat to the USA is — not the antifa and BLM leftist rioters — but rather the nearly non-existent white supremacists.

It’s a lovely way to remember lives lost on 9/11 (sarcasm). Using 9/11 for his lies is a punk move. The left is angry because he said there wasn’t much backlash against Muslims (there wasn’t).

But, isn’t it delightful he and his wife “took a lovely trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands a couple of months later, because airfares and hotel rooms were so cheap.” Cheers! Cheap airfare for you, a tragedy for thousands.

Krugman thinks we all recovered quickly. Uh, no.

The usher at my wedding was the Chief of Chiefs in the NYFD and he was beheaded by falling debris as he tried to get his men down and wouldn’t leave the site until they were, so, no, we didn’t recover you moron.


De Blasio and his buffoonish city council tried to eliminate the memorial today so he could please his more radical friends. But Mr. Siller of Tunnels to Towers didn’t allow that to happen. Mr. Siller’s brother died saving lives on 9/11. De Blasio tried to use COV as an excuse. The leftist loons are using that excuse for everything except radical ‘protests.’

So, de Blasio and Krugman, you solipsists, STHU!


I watched the national anthem sung and thought, so sadly, that fools now kneel disrespectfully for it.

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3 years ago

He is an absolute moron.