Paul Reveals How Many Senators Are Ready to Dismiss the Charges


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that 45 Republicans are ready to dismiss the charges against the president. He added that he would keep pushing the senators until he has a majority of GOP senators to end it.

“There are 45, with about five to eight wanting to hear a little more,” Paul said in an interview with The Washington Post. “I still would like to dismiss it, but there aren’t the votes to do it just yet.”

With support from other Trump allies like himself, Paul said he would continue to pressure his colleagues in the coming days to move on from the trial.

Listening to the House’s Democratic managers, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), is turning Republicans’ opinions against the idea of a long trial.

“The more Adam Schiff speaks, the more we become unified,” he said.

Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate.

Paul also said he opposes calling former national security adviser John Bolton as a witness.

“He’s a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind,” Paul, a longtime critic of Bolton’s hawkish views, said.

Paul added, “It’s unknown. Some people who have talked to him think he has an ax to grind, that he’s angry he was publicly fired by the president. But he also has a history of believing in unlimited powers for the president. Which is the guiding light for John Bolton at this point? Ax to grind and books to sell? Or, be a player and say ‘even if I’m gone, he’s doing what I want on Iran and other things?’”

Bolton claims he resigned but it sounds like a mutual, unpleasant parting.

The impeachment is clearly a trail in search of a crime. It’s got to end. Actually, it’s the fuel of the Democrat 2020 campaign since they have horrible candidates.

Schiff, Nadler, the other managers, have been very deceptive in their presentations. As a result, the President slammed them at the World Economic Forum Wednesday.

The President called Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who is serving as a manager, a “sleazebag,” and key Democrats, “major sleazebags.” That wording upsets the latte crowd, but after years of PC, many find it a relief to hear someone describe an opponent so correctly.

Watch Nadler in action, late at night, insulting Republicans:



  1. Adler is an untrained sleazebag who thinks he knows best and his attitude towards the president is on the verge of obscene and he should have been removed for his ugly and degrading comments about the Legaal team of the president and the Republicans in the senate.

    • Nads and President Trump have a history from when Nads was a councilman in NYC. Its personal for Nads. President Trump could care less about the humpty dumpty commie. But, if ya punch at POTUS, he punches back. The commies are not accustomed to that from the repubs at any level. Its refreshing to me.
      But, then, I’m not exactly PC. lol.

  2. All 8 of those senators were supported by the Mitch RINO gang, and will continue to be supported by the Mitch RINO gang over any conservative challenger. They are creations of the Mitch RINO gang.

  3. Democrats have themselves to blame for their candidates. Bernie isn’t even a Democrat, being an independent in the Senate and drops out of the party when he loses the election, but hops back in when he decides to run again. He’s a jerk to the Democrats if there ever was one, and I’m not even a Democrat.
    Look at Reagan on the Republican side who campaigned endlessly for Republicans, even after he lost, and eventually became an outstanding President. Bernie’s credentials, visiting Soviet Russia, Cuba and Nicaragua under the Sandinistas.

  4. Senator Rand Paul has been known to filibuster when he sees thinks something is an egregiously unconstitutional move on the Senate floor. I’m not sure if a Senator has that prerogative in an impeachment trial, but I can tell he is not at all happy with what the House has offered up in the way of Articles of Impeachment. And Senator Paul is using his seat to make sure everybody know what a farce this impeachment has been.

    As conservatives, we need to be paying close attention to who ends up siding with the dems.

  5. HA HA HA, maybe you have a Demorat ready to Dismiss this BS Rand …………………….. Senator Dianne Feinstein Left Senate During Schiff Testimony – Said “Goodnight” and Went Home…

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