PC Insanity? Details of Convert to Islam Killing 4 In Paris Police Headquarters


Michael H., a 45-year-old computer maintenance specialist from Martinique stabbed four of his colleagues to death this past Thursday.  Here are some relevant details.

Initial reporting stated, “The IT worker who stabbed four of his colleagues to death inside Paris’ police headquarters Thursday was a recent convert to Islam who had been acting erratically the night before the attack.”

Also included was the killer, “….had worked at the police headquarters’ Intelligence Directorate unit since 2003. The Intelligence Directorate unit focuses on the fight against terrorism.

The attack took place across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral where “H.” murdered 3 police officers and an administrator.   The death toll included 3 men and a woman. Cops shot and killed him.

His wife of 5 years claimed on the night before the assault, Michael was having visions and making incoherent statements. 

In one of the first statements made by a police official he/she told the Associated Press, “Michael H. had converted to Islam 18 months ago, but is not believed to have been radicalized.” 

Follow up stories gave more info and began to shift the narrative.  Sources said, “French detectives on Friday referred the investigation into a knife rampage by a staffer at Paris police headquarters that left four colleagues dead to anti-terrorist prosecutors”

Later, French government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye told Franceinfo radio, “It is important to emphasize you are not a terrorist because you are a Muslim, and converting to Islam is not an automatic sign of radicalization.”

Investigators may also be looking into the possibility Michael H., who was partially deaf, could have had a beef at work.  “He complained to me that his career had not evolved, due to his handicap,” said Abdelaziz, the deputy head of a local Muslim organization who attended the Gonesse mosque with the attacker.”

Here’s a little tidbit that seems to have gone overlooked.  He used a ceramic kitchen knife to murder and wound his victims during “the frenzied 30-minute attack on Thursday at the police headquarters….”.  

So, once again, we hear the usual politically correct talking points, immediately following what has all the earmarks of a jihadist style attack; but this time with an additional, seemingly inexplicable element.  

Throughout our article, we’ve underlined and darkened facts about Michael H.’s background and killing spree while italicizing the PC strategists’ responses.  This back and forth scenario is all too familiar, except in one greatly overlooked case.

A man armed with a knife slashed and stabbed his way through a Paris Police Headquarters for 30 minutes before being shot dead.

How he was somehow able to butcher 3 cops and a woman over the course of one-half hour, in a building that’s expected to be a hub of French law enforcement, should be a question Parisians and their countrymen want answered, in other than boilerplate, politically correct terms.  



  1. Another PC cover-up/excuse of murder/atrocity by a Muslim in the name of Islam.
    Such a recurring atrocity-by-Muslim, stabbing death of four colleagues, is of course no indication of radicallization !!!
    Just your average, everyday murder-by-Muslim.What’s your problem with that? !!!

  2. Was it a workplace issue? Was he radicalized? Did he was just lose his mind? None of these questions should be the point of focus.
    The mere fact for 30 minutes he terrorized and killed people within Police Headquarters should be the concern and focus.

  3. It’s all been said and I’ll say this: “Bridgette Gabriel” is at the forefront of absolute correctness.
    And the Dems want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights ? !
    Burlington, Vt. city councilor, Portland, Oregon mayor : All striving to have an unarmed police force. Amazingly, not funny…at all.

  4. We have to thank the left every time they get caught “spinning” a story like this….Gun sales take a leap here in the US and gun permit requests are increasing with women and blacks!

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