Pedo-enabling Lincoln Project fundraises off lie that voter ID suppresses the vote


The pedophile enablers of The Lincoln Project, also known as grifters, want Republicans removed from Congress for lawful political speech. These Stalinists want them voted out for allegedly ‘lying.’

The Lincoln Project — making its comeback with the usual lies and ad hominem attacks — claims the voter laws about to be passed are suppressing the vote.

Not one of the laws is doing so unless we are talking about illegal votes.

The Lincoln Project operates with the blessings of fake media. Hollywood and over 100 US corporations that will gladly see Americans replaced with cheap labor they can manipulate.

They are fundraising off a lie about voting laws suppressing the vote. In truth, they want Banana Republic voting.

What they all hate is voter ID. They pretend Blacks can’t get voter ID and say it’s racist to expect it.

In the least, this type of fundraising letter is meant to discourage any tightening of the voting laws:

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