Pedogate! Lincoln Project knew about accused pedo and kept quiet


John Weaver was one of John McCain’s closest advisers. After working for McCain, he was in the employ of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Then he worked on John Kasich’s presidential campaign. He’s also an accused pedophile and sexual harasser who co-founded The Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Project team knew that their co-founder, John Weaver, was grooming and harassing young men online, including a 14-year-old boy, and they hid it. The media knew and they hid it. They didn’t want it to come out before the election.

Weaver’s top colleagues on the Lincoln Project, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, and Rick Wilson, and others on staff, knew as they ranted against Donald Trump and made a great deal of money from it.

In fact, Schmidt went further and acted with such disgust and shock at something he already knew for some time. (see below)

The Lincoln Project Members All Knew

Yet, they did know. They are now pretending they didn’t know. They had their reasons for the choice they made.

For one, they didn’t want it to come out before the election, and for another, they made a lot of money that they would not have made had this come out:

They Were Shocked?

It took Schmidt three news stories about Weaver before he responded, so shocked was he. When Donald Trump Jr. called him out, Schmidt responded with the vile, hateful responses we became used to from the man.

DJT should sue him. None of it is credible. The one who had a relationship with Epstein was Bill Clinton.

It wasn’t just the Lincoln Project staff who knew.

Molly Jong Fast Knew And Didn’t Care

Molly Jong Fast, Editor-at-Large for The Daily Beast, allegedly knew and did nothing. They didn’t want it to come out before the election.

“According to several mutual friends, [Molly Jong-Fast] heard I had this story back in the early summer. And that it was circulating several outlets,” tweeted political consultant Ryan Girdusky — the conservative activist who first broke the story — of the scandal involving Weaver.

“Molly Jong-Fast kept her mouth shut after she learned that one of her Lincoln Project sexual predator pals was targeting young boys,” commented GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz on the matter on Twitter.

“No one wants to hear from her (besides law enforcement),” he added.

It Was an Open Secret

Yashar Ali said that everyone knew and talked about it for years. Getting young men to talk about it was the “challenge.”

Weaver was doing this online, the media knew. The media could have published the tweets but they didn’t.

MSNBC Didn’t Care Either

Daily Caller’s Michael Ginsberg wrote, “Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, and George Conway have appeared on MSNBC 17 times in the 3 weeks since the John Weaver story broke. No one asked them about the allegations.”

Obviously, they didn’t want to act as reporters. They’re Pravda.

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