#Pedogram Horrific! Instagram Networks Pedophiles


For all the fake concerns about Twitter putting up banned info, the real problem is Instagram. Some are now calling it Zuckerberg’s Pedogram. Pedogram helps connect and promote networks of pedophile accounts and enables people to search for explicit hashtags, new research shows.

Hashtags like #pedobait and variations of #mnsfw (meaning “minor not safe for work”) have been used to tag thousands of posts.

Other social media platforms did not seem to have that same problem. Instagram helps connect and promote a network of pedophile accounts and enables people to search for explicit hashtags.

This is according to research.

The investigation conducted by the Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, found that the popular social media site guides those who express interest in child pornography to sellers.

Some of the accounts claimed to be run by the children themselves, using overtly sexual handles incorporating the words “little slut for you,” Daily Mail reports.

Several sellers even let users commission their works featuring children of different ages engaged in specific sexual acts. In contrast, others listed “menu” prices for videos of children harming themselves and ‘imagery of the minor performing sexual acts with animals,’ researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory found.

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