Pedophile enablers, The Lincoln Project is going to be “fully operational”


The vicious pedophile enablers of The Lincoln Project will be back working for Democrats very shortly. In fact, they’ve already started pushing their hateful rhetoric. Not only did they support and hide the sins of a pedophile co-founder, they had crooked financial deals on the side.

The Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt resurfaced Tuesday after two months out of the public eye for a friendly interview on the group’s YouTube show, signaling the disgraced organization is not heeding calls to shut down.

“We’re in a tough business, and it can be brutal, and Lincoln Project has had a tough couple of months at times, and we’re going to be in this fight,” Schmidt told LPTV’s “The Breakdown.” “We’re going to be back fully operational in our attacks on the extremist, anti-democratic movement … We’re going to be on offense and we’re going to take the fight to people who deserve to have the fight taken to them.”

All they do is launch baseless, ad hominem attacks on Republicans and conservatives.

Despite a humiliating series of reports detailing personal and financial corruption in the anti-Trump organization, The Lincoln Project has decided to continue with its vitriol in ads and social media posts.

Their mission is to battle Trumpism but obviously not to battle pedophilia and theft.


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