Pedophile Parents Meet Justice in Prison


Last week, Mia Cathell reported the case of two pedophiles who adopted and sexually abused two little boys. The investigation was conducted over several months by Townhall. The child predators Dale Zulock, 33, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35, used social media platforms to engage in the prostitution of their two young sons, who are now ages 9 and 11. The pedophiles are now receiving prison justice.

The two LGBTQIA activists reportedly adopted them to rape, sodomize, and prostitute them.

LGBTQIA parents who raped their adoptive children.

Ms. Cathell also noted how well they were doing in prison.

“Since they’re being prosecuted as co-defendants, the adoptive fathers are housed separately while in pre-trial detainment.”

An out-of-county transfer placed Zachary “Zack” Jacoby Zulock in Barrow County Detention Center’s “maximum” security unit “due to the nature of the charges.”

Zachary appears to be experiencing what’s colloquially called “jail justice,” part of an honor code amongst inmates and a brand of justice directed at offenders who would harm children in any way: child murderers, rapists, and molesters, a.k.a. “ChoMos.” In terms of the lock-up’s pecking order, they’re the lowest rung on the hierarchical ladder.

 Zachary thinks he’s being drugged.

“Umm, I think someone put something in my drink,” Zachary said in a phone call to a family member. “There was a comment made to me last night. Someone tried to give me something, and when I didn’t, the way [the inmate] said it, like, ‘You want another one?’ And I was like, ‘Another one? I never had another one before.’”

“It made my…arm and everything go numb,” Zachary said. “I couldn’t move my hands. My fingers were stuck.” After experiencing “stroke-like symptoms,” he said. “I can’t have something like this happen again.”

“[Haldi – his lawyer] needs to get me out,” Zachary said to the family member.

So far, William Dale Zulock Jr. is only dealing with stringent dietary restrictions.

“William, who’s also in maximum security and temporarily let out of the cell block for a four-hour recreation period in the “offenders rec,” as it’s dubbed. Gang members, drug dealers, and murderers bunk together in William’s dormitory, “but they’re not allowed in our rec because if they touch us, they get assault charges,” he explained. (It just so happens that William is related to one of his cellmates by marriage.) “I’m one of the least troubled ones in here,” William claimed. “They don’t know how to talk normal. They like to yell,” William said, when detainees were shouting in the background of the call.

William, who’s lactose intolerant and cannot drink the milk at breakfast-time or any dairy products offered in the slammer, complained about the soy patties and bologna-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch, which he doesn’t eat.

He’s lost weight and says jail is a “joke.”


The little boys aren’t doing well. Both are special needs children who now have more serious emotional issues. When the media tries to normalize pedophiles, think of the two little boys these pedophiles abused. Pedophiles who do nothing wrong never have to worry and can keep their problems to themselves and their therapists. But if they’re wallowing in child porn, they are furthering this type of abuse and need to be held to account whether they commit the crime or not.

Vigilante justice they receive in prison can’t equal what they did to these two little autistic boys.

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15 days ago

Hopefully once they make it to actual prison they will get the serious prison justice that our system doesn’t hand down anymore. Can’t think of anything that would be too severe for these bags of human waste. Look forward to the news once it’s been served.

15 days ago

I’m probably naive but these two are the personification of depraved evil. I’m so very sorry that those little boys were subjected to their depravity which, of course, will affect their lives forever. these perverts should be subject to prison life to kind of justice that can be meted out in their home… they are disgusting, evil, souless, predators who will soon know what it feels like to be prey. And those who placed those poor, innocent, boys into their depraved lives.. gawd, reading about this hurts my heart!!

15 days ago

F4gitz gonna f4g.

15 days ago

Hey, at least if they do find a loophole to get off on these charges, there will be positions in the Biden administration waiting for them.

However, I seriously doubt they are going to live that long. With the Satanic evil they have done, I won’t be shocked if the guards “accidently” leave the gates unlocked so that the normal prisoners can get to them and exterminate these vermin!!!!

Then Satan will have so much more “fun” waiting for them when they get to Hell!!!!

Uppity WhiteMan
Uppity WhiteMan
15 days ago

They haven’t made it to prison yet!

14 days ago

NOPE! Jail ain’t prison. They will have to hold these 2 demons in solitary for the rest of their lives. They will be killed if put into general population.