Pelosi chooses Republican ‘anti-Trump supporters’ for 1-6 committee


Fake Republican Trump hater added to Pelosi’s 1-6 kangaroo committee. This committee is to Trump voters what Russiagate was to Donald Trump.

Adam Kinzinger, who is posing as a Republican, was just added to Pelosi’s committee investigating the January 6 riot/trespass/rally. Pelosi is weaponizing the committee.


This is after Speaker Pelosi rejected two of Kevin McCarthy’s, something that’s never been done before – Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. She said they were partisan. To arrogantly flout her own dishonesty, she appointed Liz Cheney, another Trump/Trump supporter hater, and Kinzinger.

Pelosi, who has the final say on select committee appointments, said she’s rejecting both Banks and Jordan to preserve the “integrity” of the committee’s work.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee,” Pelosi said in a statement. “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.

The only problem with Jordan and Banks is they will ask incisive questions.


Kinzinger, who voted to impeach Donald Trump, is honored. We’d expect nothing less.

“For months, we have searched for answers and what process we should use to get them…lies and conspiracy theories have been spread, threatening our self-governance,” Kinzinger said in a statement accepting the nomination. “For months, I have said that the American people deserve transparency and truth on how and why thousands showed up to attack our democracy, and ultimately, what led to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Complex on January 6, 2021.”

“Self-governance requires accountability and responsibility,” he went on. “My faith requires the same of me, truth is necessary for order, and that’s what I will do. Let me be clear, I’m a Republican dedicated to conservative values, but I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution—and while this is not the position I expected to be in or sought out when duty calls, I will always answer,” the sanctimonious anti-Republican said.

“This moment requires a serious, clear-eyed, non-partisan approach,” he continued. “We are duty-bound to conduct a full investigation on the worst attack on the Capitol since 1814 and to make sure it can never happen again.”

“Today, I was asked by the Speaker to serve on the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th and I humbly accepted,” the Illinois Republican added. “I will work diligently to ensure we get to the truth and hold those responsible for the attack fully accountable.”

This is all a Soviet-style show trial of Donald Trump supporters.

If House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to be a leader, he will immediately remove these two from their committees.



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