CDC revokes test that can’t differentiate COV from the flu


Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian reported on Twitter that the CDC has revoked the emergency use authorization of the RT-PCR tests introduced in February 2020. The test can’t differentiate between SARS COV-2 and influenza.

All the people diagnosed as having SARS by that test might have had influenza which has strangely disappeared, along with pneumonia.

The ‘conspiracy theories’ weren’t theories at all.

Abusive public policy has been based on results from this test. They’ve known about the problems with the rapid test for months but let all those false positives go on the record.


One of those policies out of Governor Newsom’s office was to ban private schools from opening in-person classes. That was overturned by the Ninth Circuit this week as unconstitutional.

Another outrageous policy by a number of blue city mayors and governors was to put seniors with COV in nursing homes, seeding the facilities. The lawless AG Garland announced he will not investigate these policies in the case of blue officials during the pandemic, just officials in prisons.

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