Pelosi convicts Derek Chauvin! We don’t need no stinking trials!


We don’t need trials and due process, we have irresponsible politicians who can try, convict, and hang people for us and save us the trouble.

For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared the death of George Floyd to be a “public execution.” She even copied crazy Cher, telling USA Today she would have pulled Derek Chauvin off George Floyd had she been there to witness the tragedy.

[Insert eye roll here]

While she said she has a deep respect for law enforcement [lie], Pelosi said “that isn’t a license to kill. And that’s what happened. That was a public assassination of George Floyd.”

“I feel sad about the spectators, and that that young woman who said she’s up all night because she wonders what she could have done differently,” Pelosi said. “I think if any of us was there, we would have gone up and just pulled him off him. But we might have gotten shot, and that’s probably why somebody didn’t pull him off.”

She made sure to say this right before the jury deliberates. The jury is not sequestered.

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