Pelosi Operative Liz Cheney Desperately Instructs Dems to Vote for Her


Desperate Liz Cheney is sending out instructions to Democrats on how they can switch parties and vote for her. Are there a lot of Democrats in Wyoming who can’t wait to run out and vote for her? She’s not only a Republican, she’s a turncoat.

Wyoming has something close to an open primary. You have to vote in your registered party’s primary but you can change your “affiliation on the day of your primary”.

By the numbers, there aren’t enough Democrats to swing the election since her opponent, Harriet Hageman, is polling at 56% and Lizzie is at 26%. Five-Thirty-Eight did the math and it doesn’t work.

If anyone doesn’t deserve to win a GOP election, it’s a Pelosi useful idiot, which is what Cheney is.

She looks even more unethical doing this. Only last March, she said she wouldn’t do it. She’ll land on her feet. Nancy Pelosi will help her get a job on TV or in the Biden White House so she can rail against Donald Trump through 2024.

Her primary is August 16th.

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