Pelosi & Schumer Are Terrified of Negotiating Infrastructure w/Trump


Last week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi emerged from an event sponsored by the far-left Center for American Progress and proclaimed, “The fact is, in plain sight in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice and he’s engaged in a cover-up; and that could be an impeachable offense.”  

This served two purposes for a leader who is increasingly panicked at the prospect of losing control over a party turned increasingly extremist.  First, fearing a loss of personal power at the hands of members blinded by anti-Semitism and Trump hatred, Nan offered impeachment red meat.  Second, but falling well below the radar, Pelosi’s outburst all but guaranteed the infrastructure meeting scheduled with Senator Schumer and President Trump would be poisoned.  

Why would she and her fellow life-long bureaucrat, Schumer, be looking to dodge any serious discussion over rebuilding the nation’s roads, bridges, and buildings?   Because these two desk jockey pols with zero experience in the private sector would be sitting across the table from one of the most renowned builders in the world, and a man who’s been on construction sites since he was a pre-teen.

Since it’s understood serious negotiations are going to boil down to dollars and cents it doesn’t take much insight to realize Beltway Bubble-Dwellers Nancy and Chuck would be facing a monumental disadvantage.  

Even some of the most basic points of discussion regarding best practices and cost savings related to general contracting would leave the Nan-Chuck team completely clueless.   Picture an experienced and knowledgeable President Trump talking about “pricing out” various stages of infrastructure projects as the Democrat leaders search in vain for a coherent, related contribution.  

What could forever elected officials truly understand about the bidding process for highways, tunnels, and other structures?  When you look at government cost overruns on long-delayed public projects, the answer is they know little or nothing, and their ignorance costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

While Trump would very much be in his element discussing, with reputable vendors,  the importance of comparing lists of materials, or the price per square foot at different stages of a job, Pelosi and Schumer would be at a loss.  Can you imagine “The Donald” explaining to this dynamic Dem duo why one outfit should get the job on a group of buildings because they’d properly calculated the number of squares to do the roof, at a fair market price? 

They couldn’t imagine that either.  And worse still for them, they couldn’t live with the idea that this “crude” guy from Queens would eat their lunch in a high stakes negotiation; where they were in way over their collective, swelled heads.  

Right after Democrat egos, and Trump hatred, the American people come first.  

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