Pelosi Sees More Room for Spending After BBB Is Passed


Pelosi had too much Botox — it raised her eyebrows.

The Insider Trading Queen Pelosi wants to spend more on ‘COVID’ after spending $6T. When asked if she will spend more on COVID, she said a formal request has not been made but: “It is clear from the opportunity that is there and the challenge that is there from the resilience of the virus, and the virus is on, the more they spread, the more they are transmitted, the more they are mutated, so..”

The Democrat spending frenzy is madness and very dangerous. She is now trying to make Republicans not voting for the commie bill a matter of insurrection. What a clown show.

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1 year ago

This is all the democrat socialists have, tax and spend, play the race card and spew doom and gloom and the sky is falling.

Stale CivNat Kool-Aid
Stale CivNat Kool-Aid
1 year ago

There is always room for spending…other people’s money.
Dystopia can be fun as clueless useful idiots get the golden utopia that they so richly deserve complete with bars and chains of safety uber alles.
Let them eat, ice cream.

1 year ago

Democrats don’t care about sending the Country onto the poor farm by printing Money to buy votes. In fact, Democrats are all for it because people on Government Welfare don’t vote Republican. The Goal of Democrats is to put 50% plus on Welfare to stay in power. Of course the taxation levels on working people to do that will drag the economy down to 3rd World Productivity Levels which will put 90% of America into 3rd World Poverty, but they could care less as long as they are in power. The Democrat Party was originally created as the Party to support the Plantation Owners and Slavery, their ideology has never change, just their methods.