Pelosi’a J6 Kabuki theater didn’t go her way according to polls


The Pelosi-left thought the melodramatic appearances by four police officers would boost support for the J6 committee investigation of the riot. The not-an-insurrection did become violent by a small number of the people present. We do not condone the violence or any attacks on police. However, the performance of the four officers and especially, that of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, didn’t help their cause. In fact, it appears to have hurt. (watch the clip below)

Officer Hodges repeatedly called the mob who breached the Capitol building “terrorists.”

Officer Dunn cried as he testified that rioters had called him racial slurs, NPR reported. “No one had ever, ever called me a n—-er while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer,” he told the committee. Since there is no video of it, people don’t believe him. This event had nothing to do with race.

Officer Fanone has done countless media appearances since the Capitol riot and made headlines after he demanded to meet with GOP Congressional leadership. He said he “went to Hell and back,” and slammed the table awkwardly during the hearing. The angry man was rude to the politicians.

Officer Dunn, who has posed with Speaker Pelosi, and Officer Gonell were crying.


A survey conducted by Morning Consult/Politico showed that there was far less support for continuing the investigation into Jan. 6 after the hearing than before it, the New York Post reported.

Only 49 percent of voters who were polled said they actually watched part or all of the hearing on July 27.

And among voters from all parties, only 53 percent support the investigation, which was down from 66 percent who said they supported it in June, and 58 percent who said they supported it one week before the hearing, the New York Post reported.

It was a pathetic partisan show.


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1 year ago

There was no insurrection. There was no attempt to depose the government or usurp its powers. The protest was to stop the certification of an unconstitutionally “elected” administration.

There is ample evidence that a deliberately designed-to-be-vulnerable digital election system was manipulated via the internet by foreign and domestic internet hacking. Vote tabulations were changed without the use of legally cast ballots.

The use of algorithms to adjust the tabulations produced results that qualify as statistical impossibilities.

1 year ago

At this point, I think a majority of Americans are beginning to think and actual insurrection might have been a good thing. They just won’t say it out loud because Big Bother really is watching.

John Vieira
1 year ago

The Main sewer Stream fake Media nevertheless are making a go of it as they did for the Schitty aspiring, gavel pounding, politburo member…

Bishop of Battle
Bishop of Battle
1 year ago

All the credibility is gone like a fart in the wind and soft weak LAME Kabuki displays of copsuckers crying won’t put it back together again.
Anyone affiliated with gov is ENEMY.