Socialist Olympics locales that now lay in ruins (photos)


The RIO and Athens Olympic committees spent an inordinate amount of money preparing for the Olympics while the population of the poor grew thanks to their communist/socialist ideology. The poor were never helped by it and there were no plans to use the beautiful facilities they built. The buildings and grounds now lay in ruins, unused, standing as symbols of socialist endeavors.


The Rio Olympics was a wholly politicized event, dedicated to leftist multiculturalism and climate change. This was despite the fact that they were the most polluted place on earth.

The homeless and the poor were pushed out of the area of the stadium so the officials could spend a fortune on the Olympics.

Brazil is now in the hands of a more capitalist government and we wish them well.

The Olympic area of Rio now:

It didn’t help the nearby community of Mangueira:


Athens was the birthplace of the Olympic movement.

When August 9 dawned on Constitution Square in the heart of Athens, delegations from Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, as well as other supporters from various organizations, observed the grand occasion at the birthplace of the Olympic movement, one year ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The ceremony launched the year-long journey of the “Global Human Rights Torch Relay.” Its theme song proclaimed:

“Stop the persecution
Give back our rights
Shackles cannot replace the Olympic wreath
Let the human rights torch
Kindle the whole world
Blood cannot taint the Olympics’ purity and sacredness.”

As it was sung, three young women representing the Greek goddesses of Freedom, Peace, and Justice walked toward the altar holding the torch.

That was the spirit, but now we are going to honor Beijing with the next Olympics, despite their Maoist ideology and massive human rights abuses.

Athens didn’t fare any better in the end:

The USA too can soon lay in ruins.



  1. Name one place where the people have prospered under Socialism or Communism. Why do Democrats want to bring that kind of poverty to America?

  2. Similar to how the No Fans Left league makes cities clear out all bums and vagrants while looking the other way over all the sex workers and designer synthetic drug use that goes on during the Stupor Bowl.
    The COV-LARP has laid all sportsball childish things to waste and they won’t be coming back.
    We’ll be too busy surviving in the rolling shootout to worry about games for children.

  3. The ancient Greeks did not move their games from one city state to another.They met in one place for a 1000 years. Why cannot one city be selected where beautiful staidums annd accommodations constructed and manintained rather than wasting untold billions moving from one nation to another? Olympia, the original site, would be my choice as a permanent location for the games.I suppose that would considered racist and xenophopic by some.If so, they need not come.

  4. Rothschild, Warburg, Hapsburg, Albani, Guelph, Lombard, Colonna, Massimo, Bernadotte, von Turn & Taxis, Savoy, Ruspoli, Payseur, Rockefeller, Torlonia, Borghese, Hohenzollern, Medici, Pallavicini, Farnese, Bourbon and Crescenzi

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