Pelosi’s house vandalized with pig’s head, fake blood! Reap what you sow!


The woman who said basically nothing to stop the violent communists destroying businesses and vandalizing homes in our major cities, had her house vandalized. Of course, she is extremely wealthy and can easily pay to have it almost instantly repaired.

Pelosi’s San Francisco home was vandalized overnight. Most of the damage was done to her garage door and driveway. The vandals spray-painted “Cancel Rent!” and “We Want Everything” in big black letters on her door. They also gave a nod to the failed $2,000 government stimulus checks. They signed with the Antifa symbol.

Note the pig’s head:

It’s impossible to know if this is from the left or right at this time, but it is labeled with an encircled ‘A,’ the symbol for the communist Antifa — her buddies.

For now, she has the damage covered with garbage bags.

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