The Total Idiocy of White Privilege


The leftists have crucified the white-skinned children of God as privileged, or as assuming a status of privilege. It’s one or the other – deserved praise or usurped glory.

Applying strict logic to this crucifixion, either God really does favor white-skinned people and their inordinate successes and triumphs – in which case, all the rest of you can just go to hell, or these bastard white-skinned people – each and all of them – have as an aggregate, abrogated all semblance of righteousness, fairness, and love of their fellow-man.

The popular herd-consensus lies in the sordid bed and squalor of the bastards. White-skinned people, by dint of their skin color, are all evil. Even Helen Keller was labeled “just another, despite disabilities, privileged white person,” by Anita Cameron, a black disability rights activist writing for Time Magazine. Deaf and blind since early childhood, Helen Keller became a life-long advocate for people with disabilities, but her skin was white, so the modern leftists have crucified her along with her amazing history.

May God forgive me, I’m a white man, a rotten bastard, but with contrite heart I long to be part of the herd-consensus. To think and believe otherwise requires too much effort. Hence, I too, like you, declare and affirm, skin color has certain undeniable, inherent qualities. And so, by that same logic, black-skinned people must all be losers and unenterprising and “The White Man’s Burden” as Rudyard Kipling so famously postulated.

Hey, I’m just adhering to the popular herd-consensus of hatred and bigotry. And so, where do we go from here? Where go the rank and file, the shakedown artists of the race industry? Where go the gullible, self-loathing spineless herd of sheep who apologize for the white skin God gave them, who can be seen kneeling on public sidewalks, confessing their privilege before black people standing over them, like devils glaring down at them. A nation crumbling, a house divided that cannot stand.

I guess, maybe I can manage to stop being a white bastard if black-skinned people can manage to stop playing the race card and stop being perpetual victims – if they can knock off the crap, and start facing the reality that we are all God’s children – that we don’t have to fall prey to the “divide and conquer” demagoguery of the Washington elitist class and their leftist media propagandists who have so successfully reached heights of power by manipulating us – whites and blacks alike.

Let’s put a stop to the socialist-Marxism with which our children are being indoctrinated on our college campuses. Let’s denounce the lies of the agenda-driven professors and phony journalists. “Why can’t we all get along?” Why can’t we end the crucifixions?

Perhaps if we loudly, vigorously, and decisively denounce the hate-mongers – perhaps if we resolve to rise above the “group-think” with which the charlatans ensnare us – then just maybe 2021 might be a very good year. Imagine that if you will.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

If white people are so privileged, then how do you explain all the poor white people and all the highly successful black people? And in case you haven’t noticed, most of the poor black people are in Democrat-run cities. Why blacks keep voting to stay in social and economic bondage is totally beyond my understanding!

Gadsden Forlorn
Gadsden Forlorn
3 years ago

Yes, I certainly enjoyed this article. I remember when voter ID was instituted in my state of Georgia (before our CCP Secretary of State eliminated it). Back then, when we had free, honest and truly legitimate elections, you needed to be a living resident of Georgia. One vote was allowed per ID. People claimed this law disenfranchised the minority vote. But they never answered the question: “What is so defective about minorities that they can’t avail a FREE state ID to vote? They will literally drive to you and produce your free ID. Since we know we’re all equal, what exactly is this racial defect?” Crickets.