Pence Finds Classified Documents, Gets the Kid Gloves Treatment


Mike Pence found classified documents in his Indiana home. Weird how suddenly everyone is “finding” classified docs around their homes. Two get the kid gloves treatment, and only Trump gets raided.

One commentator who knows the DC scene said classified documents pop up all over peoples’ homes in DC. Yet, if it happens in the military, it’s taken very seriously and can get the military personnel imprisoned for years.

Apparently, politicians can be careless or worse, and it’s okay. Maybe we should clean out DC and start over.

Perhaps they were planted. I know that’s conspiratorial, but DC is the home of conspirators, as we’ve found out. Why even conjecture? It’s just funny – odd.


The FBI collected the documents at Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, on Thursday evening, Jan. 19. Pence was in Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life when the FBI collected the documents.

Why wasn’t his home raided and his closets scoured by handsy agents? Where was CNN?

According to Pence’s attorney Greg Jacob in a letter to Chief Operating Officer William “Jay” Bosanko of the National Archives and Records Administration on Jan. 22, the DOJ departed from its standard procedures that it ran with Biden when it requested direct possession of the documents on Jan. 19.

So, only Trump, who is the only one of the trio who can declassify, got the perp treatment! Biden and Pence have no right to the documents, but they get the kid gloves treatment.


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1 year ago

The last thing the Deep State wants is President Trump back in the White House. They are throwing everyone under the bus to try and survive. Why would Pence all of a sudden find documents? I suspect that he knows he has no chance to be President and hates President Trump. It’s now all all about getting Trump.

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

That was my first thought. I wonder if Pence had docs at all but just colluding with Gestapo FBI to destroy Trump. Mike is a very jealous and bitter little man whose future in politics is done. His only hope is to get an unwatchable morning show on CNN with 24/7 TDS. His legacy will be that of a hateful vindictive traitor.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Clean out DC. There is foul play involved. Pence possessing the documents is illegal. These documents are all registered. Why is the archives seeking these documents now?

Hunter’s laptop indicates his possession of classified information. I suspect this is related to the recent discoveries. The archives is trying to retrieve missing registered documents. Maybe the reason is to get rid of Biden. We will never know what is really going on.