Pence Heckled in NH and Is Now in the T-Shirt Business


Mike Pence, a presidential hopeful, was in New Hampshire, where a group of Donald Trump supporters confronted him. They called him a “traitor” and a “sellout” and wanted to know why he didn’t follow the Constitution.

“Why didn’t you uphold the Constitution?” one protester shouted at Mr Pence on Friday.

Mike Pence disagreed that the Constitution would allow him to delay the acceptance of the electors votes. Mr. Trump’s attorney, John Eastland, interpreted the electoral count act, which was very vague, to mean that he could delay the vote.

A discussion was to be held on January 6, 2021, but seventy to several hundred rallygoers mobbed the capital and rioted that day. Out of hundreds of thousands of rallygoers, about 1000 followed the mob in but did not riot.

Pence, who was an ineffective vice president as leader of the COVID panel, is using the riot to prop up his campaign, which is faltering. He is selling nasty joke merchandise with an alleged quote by Donald Trump. Mr. Trump allegedly said, “You’re too honest.”

Former Vice President Pence claims the former president tried to bully him into not accepting the votes.  Pence refused and claimed Trump told him, “You’re too honest.”

Bizarrely, that’s one of the comments, if he even made it, that special counsel Jack Smith wants to use to put Donald Trump in prison.

Pence can say anything. It’s a he-said, he-said, but Smith will use it as if it were a proven fact.

Pence is selling T-Shirts and hats. Hats and T-shirts are for sale on his website with the phrase “Too honest.”
Too Honest

The former VP is trying to sell himself as a conservative when he is establishment and weak.

He can’t even qualify for the Republican debate at this point.

Pence told the hecklers in the town hall that he understood their passion.

“But I just – I reject your suggestion that that passion is translated into the violence and vandalism of that day,” he said.

No one said the violence or vandalism was acceptable that day. They were complaining about his decision. Using the Electoral Count Act in that way was very controversial and unusual, but it was a legal opinion. The Act has since been changed.

Where was the special counsel during the months-long George Floyd riots where people died, buildings burned, cops were assaulted, and one young officer was permanently paralyzed from the neck down? Some people died, and there was $2 billion in damages. That doesn’t excuse rioting anywhere, but the question stands.

Where was the special counsel? Bill Barr didn’t appoint one.

Floyd was a lifelong criminal and drug addict who was passing counterfeit money on the day he died with enough fentanyl and other drugs in him to kill him three times over. The people causing the rioting on his behalf were communist organizers of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Many more people like them are here, having crossed our borders. This is how they destroy the country.

Trump rebutted:

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