Pentagon presser: We are using the Taliban as a tool to protect us, sharing intel


General Mackenzie said today during the presser that He actually said he is using the Taliban as a tool to protect us as much as possible. Is he kidding? They are terrorists! He’s sharing intel with them! He never moved out the perimeter and allowed the terrorists to remain right outside the airport.

He said we have “to touch the clothes” of the people coming in and screen them. Who wrote that line for him? They can’t possibly screen them like this. The people pouring into the US don’t have IDs and they are being screened while on the plane coming to the US. Undoubtedly, there is a great risk of bringing terrorists into the country.

He claimed some Americans don’t want to leave Afghanistan. The only reason they wouldn’t want to leave is that they know their family would be murdered. So, rescue them and their families.

The General said they are continuing with their rescue mission. Meanwhile, the Pentagon admits they have not rescued one person outside of Kabul.

He is impressed with the heroism of the military. So are we but the Pentagon is partly responsible for these deaths.

He is going to evaluate things better. That’s reassuring. [sarcasm] There are other active threats right now.

Oh, and he admitted the “system is not perfect.”

So far, 12 soldiers are dead and 15 are wounded.


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