Penzey Spices CEO Calls Republicans Racists in a Hate Email to Customers


Wauwatosa-based Penzeys Spices, a national company, says Republicans are “racists” — all Republicans. This is yet another company who doesn’t care if he loses half his customers.

In a Friday, Jan. 14 morning email blast from the company to customers, the subject line read: “Republicans Are Racists Weekend.”

In the email, CEO Bill Penzey addresses Republicans: “If you are a Republican voter you are now cheesed off. You were promised that there would never be any accountability for your support of the party of open ‘textbook’ racism. Sorry, but for the betterment of all Americans, you included, we’ve decided to end that rule. And I really don’t care what your race is or how many of your friends ‘happen to be’ whatever. None of that excuses you.”

The company also posted the message to its Facebook page, which drew mixed reactions. “I just threw out my ‘Be Kind Penzeys’ magnet. What a hypocritical company,” responded one person.

Penzey launched attacks against the GOP and made comments incensing people at other times.

In 2014, Penzey wrote that residents of Waukesha County had “fled west” to escape diversity in Milwaukee. In 2016, he accused supporters of Donald Trump of committing “racism” by voting for Trump.

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