Texas Synagogue Terrorist Mourned in Blackburn


The Colleyville terrorist, who held four innocent Jewish worshippers, including a Rabbi, hostage for 11 hours, allegedly acted alone. Our leaders, including those of the FBI, say there’s really not enough information to call him a terrorist aiming at the Jewish community. However, there is an investigation with a global reach and two teens were detained for questioning in Britain.

The terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram, died in Texas as the hostages freed themselves and ran out the door of the synagogue.

Back home — he’s British you know — in Blackburn, his fellow Islamists mourn his death. They want him to have the “highest honors” in the afterlife. There was no condemnation of his act. Instead, they asked Allah to bless him.

His brother wrote an apology to the victims on Facebook and then deleted it.

Fortunately, no one died in Texas. They were just terrorized.

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