Watch armed robber steal from TV crew during filming


A TV reporter and his crew were robbed while filming in Ecuador.  They caught the entire event on film.

Soccer reporter Diego Ordinola shared the video of the brazen gun-waving crook pouncing Friday afternoon as the DirecTV Sports crew filmed outside the Estadio Monumental stadium in Tarqui, Guayaquil.

“Telephone!” the armed robber shouted, pointing a handgun straight at Ordinola, swiping away the microphone he was using.

After the gun-waving thief stole a phone, he ran off.

The footage ends with the thief riding away on a motorbike.

The U.S. will be exactly the same in no time at all as Biden lets all these criminals and other anonymous foreigners into the country. He won’t let ICE deport most criminals and we have sanctuary cities to protect them.

Ordinola shared a video of the incident and wrote, “We can’t even work quietly, this happened at 1:00 p.m. today outside the Monumental Stadium. The @PoliciaEcuador promised to find these criminals.”


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