People Here Illegally Live at Logan Airport in the Welcoming City


Sanctuary City Boston now houses illegal aliens on the floors of Logan Airport.

Mayor Michelle Wu is racist and holds dinner parties for non-white people only. She’s not in office for all the people, just the ones she prefers, and alien invaders are in her elite group. She gives them their own piece of the floor in Logan Airport.

Democrats are real humanitarians, as advertised.

Send all illegal aliens to Boston. Mayor Wu thinks everyone in the world has the right to come to the United States.

“Every person has the legal right to come to the United States and seek asylum or shelter, and those policies have been in place for a long time, but when the review of that individual’s particular situation and then the decision to allow the pathway to stay and or work authorization that comes along with that when that process is so drawn out people are stuck,” says Wu.

She thinks everyone coming wants a “safe democracy [this is a Constitutional Republic] and to work.

“They are looking to work, looking to contribute, looking to be in a safe democracy where they can raise their families, and we at the city level are now dealing with many of the impacts of the processes having people fall through the cracks at the federal level. So, we’re working very closely with the state. This is affecting municipalities across the commonwealth to be able to triage the situation and create temporary housing so that families get…”

[Of course, if you’re white, don’t come to one of her parties.]

Progressive Democrats are insane.

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30 days ago

This just makes me love Boston that much more, taking so much of this pressure off our hands…keep onnn Madame Wu fu!!