People jumping off buildings in Wuhan and big demand for funeral urns


The media seems gleeful over the fact that the numbers of afflicted in the United States exceeded those of China, but does anyone believe China is telling the truth? They just re-instituted the ban on movie theaters.

As we wrote, we still have only .03% of our population afflicted with the Wuhan Chinese Communist Party Coronavirus from China. It is likely, however, that far more people have the illness and are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. China says people are highly contagious when they present with few or no symptoms.

Initial models were wrong, partly because they were based on results without distancing, but they are more accurate now and getting better.

President Trump is considering a brief, temporary travel ban on New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Doctors are working on cures and a vaccine. This won’t last forever. We are lucky to be in the United States, leading in numbers or not.

The distancing is working but we can’t do this for too long and still have a country to come back to. The money pouring into the stimulus and the stock market is inflationary money.


People in Wuhan were committing suicide, jumping off buildings every few days, reportedly because they know they cannot survive. That was ten days ago, and it’s hard to believe that much has changed.

When China gave the okay to residents of Wuhan to travel and they attempted to enter the neighboring province, they were stopped by police and not allowed into the territory.

Schools might not open until September, subways are still near-empty, and the banks are too.


There are a lot of funeral urns on order and being used. According to the Chinese media outlet Caixin, one funeral home in Wuhan received two shipments of 5,000 urns. Why do they need so many if almost no one is dying?

People are now allowed to collect the ashes of their loved ones and that could be a sign the virus is slowing down, or not. The lines are hours long.

China is allegedly finding new asymptomatic cases daily in Wuhan.

The urns far exceed the death toll.

One cab driver in Wuhan collected evidence that the government caused the problem and he wants to sue.

As an aside, sexual intercourse might be a source of transmission according to recent information. The virus is in sperm cells.

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