Perp-Walking a Good Samaritan


Opinion from a lifelong New Yorker

Daniel Penny tried to protect passengers on a subway train in Manhattan, and the man threatening passengers died. Mr. Penny is now charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter. It’s unclear why the handcuffs were necessary or why he’s charged. We’ll have to see the evidence, but from the video, he wasn’t trying to kill him.

As a Marine, he could have killed him in seconds if that was his goal. The truth is his biggest crime is he’s white, and the disturbed, violent man who died is black, and New York is Soros territory. Before 42 arrests, the late Mr. Neely should have been helped or imprisoned.

However, Black Lives Matter, Soros-funded Alvin Bragg, and people like AOC run Manhattan now.

Mr. Penny is not likely a murderer or a vigilante, but he faces fifteen years in prison.

Alvin Bragg, who lets violent black criminals out of prison repeatedly, is the new sheriff in town.

It’s clearer now why people don’t help those in distress and just take videos. It’s often a matter of self-preservation.

The message is, don’t help anyone.

Handcuffed and Charged;

There is a two-tiered justice system in Manhattan. The courts have been corrupt for a very long time. Some judges have to be paid off. One friend lost all but one apartment building over a bogus case with a hooker. They saved one building by paying everyone off. I can’t say more than that.

Manhattan is over.

AJ Steel makes a good point in the tweet below, but most voters in New York stay home. They don’t even vote.

Mr. Steel writes, “Every day Black thugs in NY sell drugs, rob, rape, carjack, harass, beat up, and murder innocent folks and DA Alvin Bragg gives them a pass. For some strange reason he never gives a pass to Whites who dare defend themselves from those thugs. Yet Whites continue voting for him…”

The family wants blood and are upset the Marine wasn’t charged with murder. They are likely going to sue. It’s too bad they didn’t help Mr. Neely when he needed it.

Mr. Penny has a GiveSendGo fund and it will help pay legal expenses. The Left is angry about it.

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6 months ago

The People of NYC elected this guy. Now live with the Hell you’re creating!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

I think the situation is unrecoverable. It is a continual downward spiral.

I look back into my past, growing up in a bad neighborhood and a dangerous high school. It is not a surprise that things have reached this point. We had riots and mobs surrounding the school, the hatred was deep. There was no option but to leave.