Persecution of Donald J. Trump must end says top Republican


Senate Republicans are planning for a speedy acquittal of President Trump as they strategize ahead of the impeachment trial, according to The Hill.

The Hill calls it a “plot,” a word they never used when referencing actions by Democrats.

GOP senators are largely lining up behind a shorter proceeding with few, if any, witnesses, paving the way for them to hand Trump an early election-year victory.

Since it is an absurdly unethical, and likely unconstitutional, impeachment, that would seem appropriate.

House Democrats who scream it is unfair are more than hypocritical, they’re utterly dishonest. They are even lying, claiming the House impeachment was fair. They are also lying and saying the facts are “uncontested.” How stupid do they think Americans are?

Senator Lindsey Graham asked on Twitter (see below), “What’s  the difference between prosecution and persecution.”

He somewhat answered the question, “When @SpeakerPelosi drives a highly partisan process devoid of due process denying the president his day in court and trampling on the constitutional separation of powers.”

He then called upon Pelosi to “end this debacle and send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.” He implored Chuck to “stop playing games with the presidency.”

Graham might as well bang his head into the pavement. Democrats don’t care what they do to the presidency.

The senator from South Carolina wants to “end this debacle.” The problem is they are lying about the so-called evidence and think they are getting mileage out of it.

They went from the Russia-Trump collusion hoax, never apologized, to obstruction, never apologized, to quid pro quo, to bribery, to treason, and ended up with charges for impeachment not outlined in the Constitution. They don’t care if they warp that either.

This is a good video:


Crazy Nancy:

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