Pete Buttigieg Tells Rev Al That Car Accidents Are Racist


Pete Buttigieg, who couldn’t keep the potholes filled in little South Bend, sees racism in the morning sun, the moon at night, and in car accidents. He recently told us roads are racist.  Meanwhile, they weren’t when the Jewish, Irish, Italian, and Slavic immigrants lived in these areas.

Now the overpasses were different. He said they are racist. They aren’t now, but it seems they were built with race in mind. Robert Moses was racist and didn’t want buses of minorities coming in from New York City, so he built low overpasses, or so the story goes.

That doesn’t mean everything is racist, but Pete thinks car accidents are also racist.

According to Pete Buttigieg, more black people die from car accidents than whites. Therefore, he concludes racism must be part of it, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. He told crackpot criminal Al Sharpton this, who can now use it to extort people.

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